Multichannel Recording & Mixing

Specialized in every audio-surround format,  Galaxy's combination of three pristine studios, multi-functional acoustic excelling recording areas, a state-of-the art mastering suite and several quality editing suites makes it a vibrant center of recording and mixing arts.

Surround Mixing

The API ROOM is home to yet another example of Galaxy Studios’ commitment to the leading edge in audio.  The API VISON DISCRETE SURROUND MIXING CONSOLE is a ground-breaking solution for handling the highest sonic demands for surround and high-resolution audio productions.


Our mastering room centers around the fully-discrete SPL MMC1 multi-channel mastering console which, with its 120V technology, allows for unprecedented dynamic range, bandwidth, and headroom.  Combined with our vast array of state-of-the-art analog and digital processing, and a superb listening environment, this room provides our experienced mastering engineers with the tools they need to make your project truly outstanding.

Galaxy Mastering – where cutting edge technology facilitates the fine art of mastering.

Mastering is the final creative stage in an audioproject.  This is where thefinishing touches are added to your single, album or DVD to make it sound.

The mastering engineer will make anynecessary adjustments to enhance the positive aspects of your music mixes,minimize any flaws, and in the process, give the entire project a cohesive, unified feel.

This is also the stage where your projectis transformed into the required format for delivery to the pressing plant or,in the case of DVD projects, to the authoring facility.

Classical Recording

Galaxy Studios is one of the very few studios that is still devoted to the highest quality classical and cross over recording offering highly acclaimed engineers and unique recording environment.

Galaxy Hall is a 330 m2 multi-purpose room, with near-perfect acoustics. The hall has a reverberation time ranging from 1,1ms to 2,4ms, depending on the use of curtains and additional acoustic treatments. It can accommodate orchestras of up to 60 musicians.

A special feature in the hall is our Steinway Grand piano, truly a world class instrument in an ideal acoustic environment.

The Galaxy Symphonic orchestra, founded in 1998, features a selection of the best classical musicians from the Benelux with a rich sound, subtle phrasing and rhythmical accuracy our orchestra will bring out the best of any score.

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