Building For The Future

high-end technology has never before been used so creatively in the entertainment industry. Music, film, gaming: they all use the highest standards to bring audiences a more spectacular and intense experience. galaxy Studios is proud to host a one-day technical event with workshops and presentations, focusing on next generation formats and workflows for both sound & image. The morning workshops will be followed in the afternoon by a presentation of the new ‘galaxy Powered’ audio-format for the future, ‘Auro 3d’, featuring demo’s of music, film and gaming

Recordings Musical My Fair Lady @ Galaxy Mol

The orchestral & vocal recordings of the musical 'My Fair Lady' are just finished at Galaxy Studios, Mol including the Galaxy Hall and API Vision analog mixing desk and control room for orchestral recordings and the Neve 88d and Hall for vocal and choir recordings. Next up for this project is editing, spoken word recordings and finally mixing. The audio part of this production will be finished in june, so this is a longer project than average. This open air stage production is directed by one of the most well respected musical directors in Europe, Frank Van Laecke and will have its premiere in August 2011.

CD recording music from Gabriel Yeard in Flagey Studio 4, Brussels

The very well respected French film composer Gabriel Yared was attending the recording sessions, and also playing some piano parts himself during the CD recording at Flagey, studio 4 / Brussels. This CD recording was done for the Flemish Filmfestival Gent, CD to be released soon. This recording also features the Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Dirk Brossé.
More info on Gabriel Yared can be found on his website :

Mixing a track with vocals by Robbie Williams

Filip Heurckmans has been recording and mixing a track with vocals by Robbie Williams in combination with a live recorded full symphonic orchestra, additional instruments and drums (also recorded live at Galaxy Studios). Needless to say that this is a very nice work and a challenge.

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