Wilfried van Baelen

Surround Engineer

Wilfried is one of the two founding fathers of Galaxy Studios. He graduated as an organ player and synthesizer specialist and, in 1982, formed the first Galaxy Studios with his brother Guy. In 1992, they decided to push the envelope further and began its 7-year transformation in the unique complex it is now.

In recent years, Wilfried has focused his engineering and producing skills on surround productions in various new formats (SACD, DVD-A, DVD-V,...) covering many genres of music. As an experienced orchestral recording engineer he has produced and engineered many crossover artists including Helmut Lotti, Dana Winnner, Lee Towers & Jorge Castro. He has mixed for feature films Osveta, Baby Blue & Team Spirit.

Recent recording projects include Energie, the new SACD by José Carreras and the TV-film ‘Cool’ by Theo Van Gogh.

Bert van der Wolf

Producer / Classical Sound Engineer

Bert van der Wolf is a practicing recording producer / engineer based in The Netherlands, and has run NorthStar Audio Recording Services and Consultancy ( since 1999. He trained in electronics at the Higher Technical school in Enschede and after that Music Recording, Piano and Classical Guitar at The Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, where he gained the internationally recognized Tonmeister qualification in 1990.

He worked for the Dutch recording companies Channel Classics from 1989 to 1996 and Kompas CD Multimedia from 1996 to 2000, making several hundred recordings for numerous international record labels. He also works as a consultant for many recording studios and professional audio equipment manufacturers.

He has been making High Resolution recordings since 1996, starting initially with the 24/96 formats and then moving on to 24/192 and DSD. He engineered the world's first 24/192 recordings in 1996, specializes in acoustic recording techniques in Classical, Jazz and Rock, and has numerous award winning recordings to his credit.

Galaxy Studios is happy to have Bert joining our engineers roster, after a history of working in our facility from day 1, we are confident that he will add to the greater philosophy of our studios in building a community of outstanding engineers and producers in Europe.

A few of the most recent recording that were produced and engineered by Bert van der Wolf are:

Anima Eterna / Jos van Immerseel : Complete Beethoven Symphonies, Overtures and Violin Concerto.

La Petite Bande / Sigiswald Kuyken : Bach Motets, Vivaldi 4 Seasons.

Margiono Quintet / Charlotte Margiono and String Quartet : Schumann Songs.

Comattimento Consort Amsterdam : DVD Agrippina Opera by G.F. Haendel / J.S. Bach Weihnachts Oratorium.

Buzz Bros Band : Live DVD / Turtle Records.

Venice : Venice in Amsterdam / Acoustic Studio Recording.

Werner Pensaert

Producer / Engineer / Mixer

Growing up in a world revolving around music, Werner started off very young as a musician but rapidly moved onto the world of engineering. While playing the keyboards for Jo Lemeire he started programming albums of musicians such as Wim Mertens and Soulsister.

Because off his well-based knowledge of music, Werner could offer more than a regular programmer. He developed his skills on the analogue as well as the digital equipment as a recording and mixing engineer, freelancing for various clients. This brings him to work with major studios in the Benelux.

Reaching a next level in 1990 when he gets to join the best crew. The recording of Soulsister's new album brings him to operate with Chris Lord-Alge.

The music industry then really opens up to Werner. Since then he has worked with producers like Bob Clearmountain, Hugh Padgham and recorded, mixed and even produced albums for bands such as The Scabs, The Radios, Hooverphonic, GEM, Rammstein, K's Choice, Live, U2, The 925's and many more.

Filip Heurckmans

Sound Engineer

Filip joined Galaxy immediately after graduating from the SAE engineering school in Amsterdam, back in 1995.

He has quickly grown to be one of our main sound engineers, specializing in all aspects of pop music from around the world - from good ole' rock to R'n'B, world or jazz.

Thanks to his broad interest in music - past and present - and his thorough knowledge of the technical side of the job, he can guide you through the whole production process, knowing exactly how to achieve the sound your production needs.

He has an appreciation and understanding of analogue recording techniques and can create that sound that marries vintage equipment with the best digital technology available, to create just that sound you're after.

He's an all-round engineer and can take care of all aspects of the production process: analogue or high definition digital recording, editing, mixing, as well as mastering: he's been specializing in analogue mastering techniques to achieve that specific warmth in modern digital recordings.

Filip has worked with many great artists such as dEUS, Moondog Jr, Zita Swoon, Natalia, Clouseau, Jan Leyers, Hooverphonic, Stash, Will Tura, Blackbox Revelation, Tripoli, Hadise, Zornik

Recent projects include José James, Nitebytes, Jef Neve Trio, Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Jo Francken

Producer / Sound Engineer

Produces other people's musical projects and plans. His school-example was the HRITCS at Brussels. He practiced his fingers producing demos and mixing FOH for bands from Klein-Brabant. His Career took off when Belgian top producer Wouter Van Belle was impressed by his capacities and gave him a shot on his projects. Eagle-eyed and legendary craving for quality, Francken ended up working on the records of Axelle Red, Belgian Asociality and Noordkaap. He worked his way in building his own clientele through production jobs for Bazaar and DAAU (Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung). With drummer Mark Bonne and multi-talented musician-composer-producer Joost Zweegers, he invested in the Antwerp studio Vitanova. At this place, great records have been produced for the likes of Janez Detd, Noordkaap, Novastar, Bram Vermeulen and Zap Mama. After Vitanova disappeared Francken became a freelance studio traveller.

The typical Francken-service makes no distinction between ranks or status, development or settled artists/bands. Jo is well-known for his 'after-release' service. Galaxy Studios added Jo to its roster of preferred engineers and support this talented engineer with all its facilities and know-how.

Discography :

Production, Recording, Mixing: Admiral Freebee, Ambrozijn, Angelico, Bazaar, Blue Blot, Calibre, Camden, Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung, Groep Jezus, Janez Detd, JD Kort, Kommil Foo, La dorothea single-remix, Lemon, Monza, Noordkaap, Novastar, An Pierlé, La Volgala, The Fundamentals, Bram Vermeulen.

Recording and Mixing: An Pierlé, Axelle Red, Arno, Will Tura and Rob Vanoudenhoven, Belgian Asociality, Bertus Borgers and Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Blue Blot, Clouseau, Djammel, Evil Superstars, Michael Franti, Groovemania, Humo's Rock Rally, Jan Leyers, Lemon, Jean Louis Daulne, Jo Lemaire, K's Choice, Kamino, Klezmic Noiz, Moondog Jr., Maria Dolores, Neeka, Nemo, De Nieuwe Snaar, Noordkaap, Ozark Henry, Olla Vogala, Perry Blake, Peter Jones, PP Michiels, Puur Brel, Rhesus, Roland, The Scarrots, Schalkse Ruiters, The Sexmachines, Soulsucker, Ska'd for Live, Savannah Station, Twaalf werken van Vanoudenhoven, Terug naar Oosterdonck, TMF Specials, live from AB (Angelico, Janez Detd, Calibre, Camden), Triggerfinder, Troisseur, Tom van Stiphout, Bram Vermeulen, Wigbert, Zap Mama, Zita Swoon, Zornik.

Commercials for radio, TV and Film: Axa Royal Belge, Brantano, Dexia

Patrick Lemmens


Patrick is Galaxy’s main scoring and mixing engineer for film music and a classical producer-sound engineer. He graduated at the Düsseldorf Robert Schumann Conservatory of Music and the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences in 2001 and joined Galaxy Studios in January 2002. Since the beginning, he has been involved in numerous surround projects and over the years became a specialist in this domain. Being an active classical musician, he is particularly experienced in recording and mixing orchestras, chamber music, wind- or brass bands.

Recent film music productions include recordings and mixings for the movies “The Box Collector” (2007), “The Hessen Affair” (2008), “Amsterdam” (2008), “Blinker en de Blixvaten” (2008), “Christmas in Paris” (2008), “Spion Van Oranje” (2009), “Le Petit Nicolas” (2009), “Sus & Wis – De Texas Rakkers” (2009).

In the classical domain, Patrick worked with ensembles such as Quatuor Danel, Ensemble Trittico, Ensemble Grupetto, Quattro Lamiere brass quartet, Arco Baleno, and with international artists as Joris Van den Hauwe and Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, Robert Groslot, Esther Nyffenegger and Milana Chernyavska, Piet Vansichen, Lione Lhote, Emil Rovner, Dmytro Sukhovienko and many more.

He recorded large orchestras such as Il Novecento, Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège, Galaxy Film Orchestra, La Chapelle de Lorraine, Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen, Philips Harmonie Eindhoven, and worked with conductors as Pierre Kuijpers, Dirk Brossé, Louis Langrée, Geert Baetens, Frans Violet, Jan Cober, Heinz Friesen. He recently recorded and mixed the musical “Camelot” with internationally renowned director Frank Van Laecke.

Patrick produced a highly recommended album with former European Champion Brass Band Willebroek which was elected “Brass Band Album of the Year 2007” by BBC Radio 2, and an Edison-winning album with Dutch singer Gé Reinders and some of the best Dutch and Belgian Wind Bands and Fanfares. He also worked with popular artists such as José Carreras, Natalia, Kate Ryan, Helmut Lotti, Dana Winner, Claudia Campoli, Frank Galan and Jorge Castro.

... more Engineers soon!

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