Joris van den Hauwe

Commercial Manager

Joris has been involved in Galaxy since the very beginning (1986). Parallel to his international career as a classical musician with many solo-recordings, he has been active in the studios as a musician, an arranger, a conductor and even as the house-cameraman.

Where music has been his profession, film and video was always his second love. Through self-study, making short-movies and a sense for both technical and artistic quality, he was able to professionalize his second passion and accept the challenge to be at the forefront of the Film Department right from the start.

Frank Mostert

Flame Artist

Compositor and Flame-Artist Frank Mostert started his career as an editor for the RTL news. Already after a few years he became a Senior Promo Director for RTL 4 & 5 and was promoting a lot of dramas, comedies and series. Quantel Editbox and Newsbox were the tools he used to work on at that time.

In 2000 he started at Ultimate Video International where they asked him to work for their Virtual Studio. He was compositing on Autodesks ‘Flint’ and together with senior colourist Petro Van Leeuwen,  he finished an impressive list of feature films, documentaries, Art-films, TV dramas and entertainment programs over the years.

Besides an experienced compositor, Frank has been very often engaged as a Graphic Designer as well. Frank is an artist with a large technical knowledge both in the video as in the film domain. We are very proud to have him in Galaxy Image together with his right hand, senior colourist Petro Van Leeuwen.

Dieter Allaerts

Scanning & Film Recording Operator / In-House Editor

Following his passion for film and music Dieter began his academic studies at the RITS audiovisual arts school in Brussels. Here he specialized in video editing and he worked on several different film genres like fiction, documentaries, commercials and video clips using the Final Cut Pro and Avid editing environments. During his studies he chose to do his internship at Galaxy where he learned the techniques of film scanning and film recording and where he further expanded his knowledge of the film post-production process. Right after he graduated with honors he started at Galaxy as a fully motivated operator and in-house editor.

Paolo Finotto

Planning Film

After his college years, Paolo immediately started working for a corporation active in the kitchen equipment market where he was responsible for business development and sales.

Several years later, due to his great passion for film and music, a logical step for him to take was getting professionally involved in the AV-world. He was responsible for commercial action in a production company specialized in producing online television formats.

After a sabbatical year dedicated to the renovation of his house, Paolo chose another professional path in order to become what he is now: A fully-commited project planner for the Film department at Galaxy Studios.

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