The Devils Double

Present at Sundance and Berlinale 2011

Saddam Hussein was not the only one in his family with a body double;his son, Uday Hussein had one as well. This is the story behind that double, and his name is Latif Yahia. This is definitely not a film to miss when it is released. Director  Lee Tamahori has a very good record behind him (Next, Die Another Day, Along Came A Spider). The deliverance is spectacular, and the overall tone and feel for the characters and setting is very realistic.  With great effects, cinematography, and writing, this film is, hands-down, one of the best Indie films ever created.

Director Lee Tamahori
Production Company Corsan
Producer Paul Breuls
DI Colorist Peter Bernaers
DI Facility Galaxy Studios Image

Building for the future

Presentation of the Auro-3D format

Building For The Future

high-end technology has never before been used so creatively in the entertainment industry. Music, film, gaming: they all use the highest standards to bring audiences a more spectacular and intense experience. galaxy Studios is proud to host a one-day technical event with workshops and presentations, focusing on next generation formats and workflows for both sound & image. The morning workshops will be followed in the afternoon by a presentation of the new ‘galaxy Powered’ audio-format for the future, ‘Auro 3d’, featuring demo’s of music, film and gaming

Bennie Stout

Instant classic for all ages

Producent: Farmhousefilm/ Nijenhuis & Co
Regisseur: Johan Nijenhuis
Uitvoerend producent: Bernard Tulp
DOP: Maarten Keller
Colorist: Petro van Leeuwen

  Set in the 1930's, young rascal Bennie always gets in trouble.  When his father doesn't return from a job in Spain, Bennie has an ingenious idea to go to Spain to go find him: by being a bad boy, Santa Claus will have to take him back to spain in his bag...

Blue Bird

Once Again Cannes for Minds Meet

production: minds meet
deicertor: Gust van den Berghe
DOP: Hans Bruch Jr.
colorist: veerle Zeelmaekers

After Little Baby Jesus of Flandr last year, Gust van den Berghes second film Blue Bird is also an adaptation of an old story, l'oiseau bleu by maurice maeterlinck.  In this story 2 kids set to find the mysterious blue bird.  The long journey takes them to strange places and people.
Gust moved the story to west-african Togo and worked with a cast and crew of mainly locals, members of the Batammariba and Tamberma tribes.

orchestral recording, DI and final mixing were handled by Galaxy studios.

Selected for quinzaine des realisateurs at 2011 cannes filmfestival!

Hasta la Vista!

A Moving Comedy A Quest For love

production: Fobic Films
director: Geoffrey Enthoven
DOP: Gerd Schelfhout
colorist: Olivier Ogneux

Hasta la Vista! is the new project of Fobic Films directed by Geoffrey Enthoven and is inspired by the lifetime experiences of Asta Philpot and his friends.  The movie tells the story of three guys in their twenties who love wine and women. Wine they have savoured abundantly, but they have never tasted the sexual delights with a woman. Under the guise of a wine tour they embark on a journey to Spain hoping to get laid there. Nothing will stop them. Not even their handicaps: one is blind, the other is confined to a wheelchair and the third is completely paralysed.

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